The play that had London theatre-goers in stitches for more than 15 years, No Sex Please, We're British, earned several stars and laughs over the weekend in downtown Sioux Falls.

Directed by Doug Reichert, the cast of 10 local actors present with passion, precision and flair a great version of this comedy of errors.

The show, which is a well-known farce by Alistair Foot and Anthony Marriott, is being put on by the Sioux Falls Community Theatre (SECT). The final weekend is March 1-3 at the Historic Orpheum Theatre.

In this hilarious farce, newlywed Frances Hunter sends off a mail order for Scandinavian glassware. What comes back is not glassware, but Scandinavian smut! Strait-laced husband Paul is the manager of the bank below their apartment. The two, along with the bank's frantic chief cashier, must decide what to do with the flood of pornography, books, films, and more that threaten to overwhelm the happy couple. The situation is further complicated by involvement from Peter's mother, a bank inspector, the police superintendent, and others.

A farce like this is a whole lot of fun for everyone — the audience, the actors, and the director as well. But staging a farce is not easy, there are so many moving parts that everything has to have a set rhythm. That was accomplished by the actors and directing.

The only mark against the fast-paced production was hearing some of the lines, particularly from security phone which was often in use and I was in the fourth row.

Bravo gang, love local, love community theater. Sioux Falls always does it well.