Mary Smyth/Getty Images

Ladies do you believe your man is totally devoted to you? Is he completely head-over-heels madly in love with you and there's nothing that anyone could ever do or say to get him to change his mind?

If you said yes, you better hope no one ever offers your guy seven figures to dump you. Because there's about a one-in-11 shot he'll say okay, take the money and run!

According to a new survey from FemaleFirst, 9% of men would be willing to kick their wife or girlfriend to the curb if someone offered them a million bucks.

That number goes up ever so slightly to 11%, when men were asked if they'd be willing to dump a friend for a sizable chunk of cash.

Take comfort in knowing ladies, there are some men out there that that value you at least 2% more than they do their friends. That should help you sleep a little better tonight I'm sure.

I just wonder what percentage of women would be willing to dump their husband or boyfriend for the same kind of money. Now those would be some interesting numbers to see.

Speaking of things people would be willing to give up for a million dollars, 51% of us said they'd have no problem giving up fast food for life...45% would never take another drink of alcohol ever again...37% would leave the country for good and 23% of men said they'd even be willing to move in with their mother-in-law.

Yikes! Just a million bucks huh? Yeah, that might be pushing it!