A Garretson man was caught allegedly burglarizing a Sioux Falls home early Thursday morning.

"The call initially started with a neighbor," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens, "who saw some people taking items out of the house. The neighbor then called police. The neighbor says at least one of the suspects left the area on foot. Officers were able to find him around 33rd Street and Minnesota Avenue. They ended up talking with the homeowner and found out he had walked into the living room and saw the suspect standing in the living room. He told the suspect to leave. The suspect ran out the door."

A short time later, police discovered items that were taken by the suspect.

"The officers also found acroom mates wallet on the suspect. It was in one of his pants pockets. The room mate didn't know who this person was. The victim didn't know who this person was. It was obvious the suspect was inside the house and had taken some items."

18-year-old Austin Esser was charged with first degree burglary and grand larceny.

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