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It's a shame a person can't get paid preparing for Christmas. Heaven knows it feels like a job sometimes! Especially if you're a woman.

I read recently that the average woman spends 83 HOURS preparing for the Christmas holiday. That 83 hour period is spent doing things like Christmas shopping, food shopping, organizing parties and family events, cooking and of course doing all that holiday decorating around the home.

A mind boggling one in three women will spend at least 168 hours preparing, or the equivalent of one full week getting ready for December 25th.

Then, you need to factor in De-Christmasing the house after the holiday season is over, time to tack on a few more hours! Again, if you could only find some way to get compensated for all this work ladies. That would go a long way in putting a dent in the old Visa bill this time of year.

Oh yeah, if you're wondering, men also spend time prepping for Christmas. Just not nearly as much.

The average man will spend 58 hours getting ready for the holidays. One in three men say they'll be done in 12 hours and one in 14 will spend an hour at most.

Those are the guys that make the mad dash to the mall around 3:30 on the afternoon of Christmas Eve to begin their Christmas shopping. Only to find that practically everything on their Christmas shopping list is already gone.

You know the type, the guy that buys the sweater you want, only its two sizes too big, because it was the only one left on the shelf. Yep that guy, a guy like me.

At least I'm smart enough to get a gift receipt.  I should get some points for that shouldn’t I?

Source: Herald Sun