A new report paints a pretty bleak picture of life in a pair of Southwestern South Dakota counties.

According to Wall Street 24/7, Oglala Lakota and Todd Counties are the two worst counties to live in in the United States.

The rankings were based on three key factors: bachelor’s degree attainment rate (education), poverty rate (economics), and average life expectancy at birth (health).

Oglala Lakota and Todd are the only two counties in the nation where more than half of residents live below the poverty level.

According to the latest numbers, Oglala Lakota County has a BA degree rate of 12.4 percent, a poverty rate of 51.9 percent, and a life expectancy of 66.8 years.

That life expectancy rate is the lowest of any county in America.

Todd County has a BA degree rate of 12.4 percent, a poverty rate of 52 percent, and a life expectancy of 68.5 years.

And while South Dakota counties occupy the top two spots on the worst list, Kentucky has six of the ten worst counties in America.

  1. Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota
  2. Todd County, South Dakota
  3. Holmes County, Mississippi
  4. McDowell County, West Virginia
  5. McCreary County, Kentucky
  6. Clay County, Kentucky
  7. Breathitt County, Kentucky
  8. Leslie County, Kentucky
  9. Bell County, Kentucky
  10. Harlan County, Kentucky

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