Sanford Health and Freudenberg Medical have entered into a joint research and development agreement to create a device to treat blood clots and blockages within blood vessels.

The catheter will infuse medications to exact locations in an artery or vein, helping to restore blood flow.

The device was invented by Dr. Patrick Kelly of Sanford Health Innovations. Kelly is a vascular surgeon with an engineering background who collaborates broadly in search of innovative ways to solve medical problems.

Once the catheter has been developed the next steps would include early pre-clinical testing and eventual pursuit of a 510K, an FDA review that allows a company to legally market a device in the United States.

“There has to be a better, more efficient, less expensive way to treat blood clots and blockages,” Kelly said. “We’re trying to find it.”

Freudenberg Medical specializes in the design, development and manufacture of innovative medical products, and its experienced Minimally Invasive Solutions engineering group is well suited to evaluate and optimize Kelly’s catheter concept.

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