Sarah Palin is hanging out in South Dakota.  She was the key note speaker at the Ag PHD agricultural field Day on Thursday.

 The Washington Times reported this earlier this week:

“It’s an honor to get to travel with my entourage, er, that would be Piper, to be with those who are feeding the nation,” Mrs. Palin said in a Facebook post about the one-day event.

The goal of it all, say organizers Darren and Brian Hefty, who are both rural media moguls and farmers, is to showcase the best ways to raise crops. There’s a free lunch, a free supper and complimentary snack goodies. There’s a corn panel, a soybean panel, and forums on drainage laws, crops insurance and grain marketing. The kids’ area is crowded with games and giant inflatable toys.
Jenny Hefty & Sarah Palin / facebook

Sarah Palin may not live on a farm in Alaska, but don't you suppose she can see one from her house??