Move on over Revlon and Grecian Formula! Gray hair could be a thing of the past.

Scientists at the University of Bradford in England have come up with a topical solution that stops your hair from going gray, better yet; it even returns it back to its original color.

They claim it's not a dye, and that it literally fixes your hair follicles.

It's believed that a hair turns gray when there's a massive accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle. The hydrogen peroxide basically makes the hair bleach itself.

But now, that could all be a thing of the past.

Imagine a day when you'll never have to worry about those dreaded gray hairs again. No more dying, no more plucking or pretending that "salt and pepper hair" is sexy and sophisticated looking.

The only person that will be unhappy to hear this news is a sports car salesman looking to cash in on all the people going through their midlife crisis.

No word on when this product will be available to the public. But you gotta believe, if it really works, it has the potential to be groundbreaking. That means the creators will be chomping at the bit for the big payday!