I have always loved a good story. Whether it's in a song, a book, or a movie, there is something magical about a good story.

Like a lot of people I had only tasted stories in movies, through the big screen, or the ones shown on Sunday night TV.

When I got older I was introduced to an entirely new world of movie magic - film festivals. If you have never been to one, I would recommend putting it on a "things to do in life" list.

If you are around the Sioux Falls area you can check out the Sioux Empire Film Festival.

Their mission statement from the Sioux Empire Film Festival Website:

The mission of the Sioux Empire Film Festival is to build awareness of independent film as an art form and provide educational opportunities for local and national filmmakers.

Friday night, May 18, and Saturday, May 19, you have a chance to take in all sorts of art, pieced together by storytellers, many of them from (and/or filmed in) South Dakota.

For the lineup of movies, show times, and to purchase tickets go to the Sioux Empire Film Festival website.

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