Would you like to see vegan burger options at Sioux Falls fast-food burger joints? On Monday Burger King debuted a vegan-friendly version of their all-beef Whopper. The test run took place at 59 St. Louis, MO Burger Kings.

According to VegNews the 'burger' in the Burger King Impossible Burger is made from a meatless patty made by Impossible Foods which makes meat options for folks that don't care to eat animals.

The meatless Whopper or Impossible Burger is described as a flame-grilled vegan patty topped with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and sliced onions on a toasted sesame-seed bun. If you want it truly vegan you'll want to order it without mayo. Mayo is made from eggs.

VegNews also reports that Impossible Foods sells the vegan-friendly patty nationwide at over 5,000 restaurants including White Castle.

Thrillist reviewed the Impossible Burger and described it like this: "I loved the rush of salt and fat, the chew, and the beef-like taste in every bite. A pleasurable burger from start to finish. Could I tell that I wasn’t eating a true beef burger? Sure. But eating one is similar to the experience of watching a movie -- I know that everything projected onto the screen is fake, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it."

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