Last night while I was watching the Oscars we were experiencing the same "Technical Difficulties" that a lot of fellow Sioux Falls ABC viewers were experiencing.  Everyone was commenting about it on facebook.  It was making a lot of folks very angry and some of the comments were not very Midwestern nice!  So I messaged our good friend Shawn Cable over at KSFY TV to see what was really going on and causing the tech problems.  Shawn told us, "

An email from our chief engineer last night:
Midco says the piece of equipment that was making our signal break up was at their head end. The video break up was on all local stations on Midco cable.  The phones went BEZERK! And people arent nice when their TV show isn't on.

It was not KSFY's fault.  So maybe some folks just might want to sent them a Hallmark "I'm sorry I blew up at ya" card??