An investigation is underway into two Facebook posts reportedly made by Sioux Falls murder suspect Jared Stone.

"AT this point, it's another source of information. We are not sure if it's him posting or somebody else," Police Information Officer Sam Clemens told us.

"We are operating on the assumption that it is him posting. It's more information that we're taking in. Same as any other tips that would come in. We are just evaluating that stuff and trying to figure out where he's at and where he may be going. Hopefully, we will be able to catch him soon."

Clemens says authorities have received tips that Stone may have drugs with him.

"That was some of the information that he may have access to some drugs. That may explain some of the paranoia surrounding this case. That's just one of the tips coming in. Because of that paranoia and the crime that he is associated with---he is still a danger to people."

Jared Stone is accused of shooting and killing a 28-year-old man last Friday in Sioux Falls.

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