How would you like to raise a couple of Chickens in your back yard?  Tonight (Monday, September 10th) the Urban Agriculture Task Force will be meeting to chat about whether to allow chickens in Sioux Falls city limits, and if so, how many you can raise.  They may also discuss the keeping of livestock.  The public meeting is 6:30 p.m. at Carnegie Town Hall 235 W. 10th St.  Everyone is welcome.  Please don't bring your chickens.  For more information, contact Councilor Rex Rolfing at 367-8808, or Shawna Goldammer, Zoning Enforcement Manager, at 367-8692. Additional information may be found on the City’s website at  Here on the 'Ben & Patty Show' we view any story about chickens as an opportunity to play Sean Morey's 'Ghost Chickens in the Sky'!  Great Video & Song!  Hit the play button and enjoy!