So just how dependent, obsessed and distracted, have we become by our smartphones? The answer to that question should be fairly simple if you've tried carrying on a conversation recently with someone between the ages of 18-24.

A new survey reveals the average 18-to-24 year old checks his/her phone every 9 minutes and 50 seconds. And 5% of people 18-24 check it ONCE every minute! That goes a long way in explaining the reason why you can't seem to hold most young adults attention for more than 30 seconds these days doesn't it?

Adults 25-to-34 aren't much better; they feel the need to dive into their device every 9 minutes and 55 seconds.

Those over the age of 35 are a little less enamored with their phone. 35-to-44 year olds connect on average once every 21 minutes. 45-to-54 year olds every 36 minutes, and adults between the age of 55 and 64 need to scratch that smartphone itch once every 90 minutes on average.

What's surprising however is just how hip most seniors are becoming. People over the age of 65 check in with their devices on average once every 47 minutes. It sounds like they're having no problem sneaking in a little quality smartphone time in between bingo games, gardening, golfing, volunteering and crosswords.

Overall men are more addicted to their phones than women. Men need to take a peek every 22-and-a-half minutes, while it's just over 26-minutes for women. 

Source: Daily Mail