I have been following this story involving Cesar Zakahi and his fight to preserve the respect for the American Flag and all it stands for.  I had a lengthy conversation with Cesar Wednesday evening and he shared his side of the story.  Cesar is a military veteran who I found very sincere in his Passion to protect the sanctity of the American Flag.

Thursday morning Cesar talked with us about the flag, his firing, and his current  situation.  Here is that conversation:

Check out the facebook page that a friend of Mr. Zakahi's has set up: "Cesar Zakahi Friend Of Our Flag And The Republic For Which It Stands".  

Here is more of the back story as reported from theblaze.com

A custodian in a South Dakota school district took a video of an improperly folded American flag and posted it on Facebook along with a message asking people call the superintendent over what was supposedly repeated mistreatment of the flag. On Monday, the janitor says he was fired.

Cesar Zakahi said on his Facebook page that he was fired from Stanley County School District in Fort Pierre for standing up for the flag and that this video was part of the issue:

From the facebook page of Cesar Zakahi: I was a custodian in a small town school gym, i posted on my fb Page a coworkers abuse of the United States flag, and was fired. Hello I am Cesar zakahi i am the guy that got fired for posting the US flag being disrespected at my work, i was born and raised in South Dakota, i am a disabled vet, i in would do this again even though it cost my job to stop the disrespect of the flag.  Zakahi is no longer working for the school and that he was let go during a 90-day initial probation period since his hiring.  “We’re not mistreating the flag, nor have we, nor will we. We have no tolerance of that,” Hotalling said in a statement, according Keloland TV, but he didn’t elaborate on exactly if this was the main reason for Zakahi’s firing saying it was a personal matter. Keloland TV included Hotalling saying he is a military veteran who respects the flag. Zakahi said that for two months he saw the flag being left unfolded and treated improperly. After such a time, he posted a picture of the flag on his Facebook page and told people to “Call the superintendent of the Stanley County School system and complain. On Monday, it might stop.”