Depending on your perspective, a 'cheap date' can either be a good thing or a bad thing. But in South Dakota, more than any other state in America, it's the norm.

USA Today story says the Mount Rushmore State is home to the most inexpensive nights out in the country; the only state where the average date runs under $40 - less than half of the national average ($102.32) for two dinners, a bottle of wine, and two movie tickets.

Not so in South Dakota, where the average cost of a date is $38.27. Not surprisingly, the Mount Rushmore State leads a group of mainly Midwestern States on the least costliest list:


  • North Dakota - $42.43
  • Nebraska - $48.91
  • Iowa - $50.90
  • Wyoming - $52.10

As for the upper end of the spending spectrum, hang on to your wallet if you're dating in the Northeast:


  • New York - $297.27
  • New Jersey - $259.60
  • Hawaii - $239.95
  • Connecticut - $230.34
  • California - $226.35

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