A Pierre, South Dakota woman is going to prison for stealing more than $37,000 from Girl Scout cookie sales. On Tuesday Bonnie Gallager, 47, apologized to the court for stealing the cookie cash. She said she started stealing after she and her husband divorced. d theft.

Prosecutors said the money was taken over a five-year period between October 2007 and August 2012, when Gallagher had been in charge of handling money from cookie sales.

South Dakota Judge John Brown pointed out that Ms. Gallagher received a suspended sentence back in 1996 for stealing money from a Pierre business and wondered how she could put herself "into this position twice."

If you are wondering what you get for "Grand Theft Girl Scout Cookie", that would be 30 months in prison and ordered her to pay the $37k back.

FYI- $37,000.00 dollars = 10,572 boxes of Thin Mints.