I remember all so well speeding east on I-90 en-route to the Luverne, Mn. Community Hospital with our first born on the way.  Only to arrive and then be sent home after they informed us that my wife was experiencing a "False Labor".  It didn't seem false to me.  Luckily all turned out well.  And luckily things turned out well for this couple.  In Iowa City, Iowa a man got himself pulled over for speeding on his way taking his preggers wife to the hospital.  As the police pulled up behind him with lights and sirens going he did not pull over.    Tyler Rathjen was quite determined to get his wife Ashley to the emergency room.  According to the Associated Press:

  A red light  along with heavy traffic finally forced him to stop.

"I should not stop, I'm not going to, I'm going to get to the hospital," Tyler Rathjen recalled thinking in an interview with Cedar Rapids TV station KCRG.

The baby's head and arms were already out by the time Iowa City Officer Kevin Wolfe reached the passenger door.

"We were all having a different experience," Wolfe said.

Ashley Rathjen gave birth to her third son, Owen, just blocks from Mercy Iowa City hospital on March 10.

"I kept saying: there's no break (in contractions) there's no break," she said. "He was coming at that time."

Wolfe helped with the final steps of delivery and then escorted the Williamsburg family to the hospital. His dashboard camera captured the episode.

Owen is now home with his parents and two brothers.

Ashley Rathjen said her newborn son will probably retell the story for years to come.

"I'm sure it will be a life story to tell everybody (about) how he made his grand entrance," she said.

After you give birth to a baby in the back seat of your car, where do you take it to get detailed?