No shocker here, just ask any parent and they'll tell you the most stressful person to drive with is your child. I mean who doesn't love being asked, "Are we there yet" from the backseat every ten minutes for 350+ miles on the way to see the worlds largest ball of dryer lint.

According to a new survey, your kids take the "shotgun" seat when it comes to stressful people to drive with. Your spouse comes in a close second.

75% of women and 67% of men say having kids in the car while driving stresses them out. Conversely, 68% of women and 57% of men say driving with their husband or wife in the car is stressful enough!

Rounding out the top 5 most stressful people to drive with: other people's kids, your parents, and other family members.

I'd like to make my own addition to the "something that's stressful to drive with list."

Have you ever tried driving a Wire Fox Terrier? I have one word for ya, Prozac. You're going to need plenty of it.

Hauling around a Wire Fox Terrier in the car, is like attempting to para-sail with a broken arm, while being asked to hold a new born infant in the other arm. That my friend is stress!

Photo by Marc Elliott

In case you're wondering, this is what it takes to transport a Wire Fox Terrier to ensure that both the dog and the driver arrive alive!

Oh, and I almost forgot, a couple of shots of whiskey for the driver once you get to your destination wouldn't hurt either.

Source: Daily Mail