While many of us won't admit it, most of us have at least one bad habit. While biting your nails or cracking your knuckles may be considered more of an annoyance to those we spend our time with, other habits like smoking can actually pose a serious threat - not only to those with the habit, but also to your loved ones around you.

Chances are, you are aware of what your habit is, though you probably can't imagine how to break it. The experts at WebMD claim that they can help you with that. They claim to have a three-step plan, that with a little customization, can help you break your bad habits.

While cracking your knuckles or a constant throat clear may not throw up a red flag of concern when it comes to having a "bad habit", there are some violations that you should stop doing immediately. Of course, you should stop the habits that could danger your life, but there are other habits that you may not even realize ARE habits, that could be putting bacteria into your life. It's time to clean up your act and stop these dirty habits!

  • 1

    Texting in the bathroom.

    Using your phone in the bathroom may seem innocent enough. But according to research done by the Medical University of South Carolina, every time you flush, you are actually sending an aerosol of microbes into the air, which eventually have to land. Those microbes could (and often do) include norovirus and E.Coli. Later, you will then use that phone to send text messages to your family or friends or worse yet - make phone calls (obviously putting it up to your face). Researchers suggest that you put the phone in your pocket before flushing and then wipe it daily with a microfiber cloth.

  • 2

    You do not disassemble the blender when cleaning it.

    According to the public health organization NSF International, the blender is known to be one of the germiest appliances in the kitchen. If you fail to unscrew the blade housing, you may be mixing microbes in with your smoothies. This is an easy dirty habit to break however, simply unplug the machine, unscrew the base and wash and dry  each part before reassembling.

  • 3

    You never clean the coffeemaker.

    Think about it. That coffeemaker is just a warm, damp reservoir for a bacteria mecca. A study found that both yeast and mold were probably the most common, but some coffeemakers also contained coliform - a type of fecal bacteria that includes E.Coli. Be smart - every couple weeks, fill the reservoir with white vinegar, wait a half hour and run a normal brew cycle (or two) to get rid of the vinegar smell.

  • 4

    You are lazy with your lens care.

    If you sleep in your contacts or frequently re-use the contact solution, you are putting yourself at risk to develop an infection. And remember, if you wear glasses, it's also important to regularly clean those lenses, too. Scientists have discovered that about 94% of lenses and even the cases you store your glasses in, contain at least one microorganism. Use new contact lens solution and remember to wipe your glasses and the case regularly with a soft cloth to clean.

  • 5

    You prop your feet on the coffee table.

    Be smart! Don't prop your feet on the coffee table! Use the piece of furniture for EITHER a place to eat or a foot rest - but never both. Germs from your feet can easily transfer to your table, which could then end up on your eating utensils or the food itself. One study tested coffee tables at homes of bachelors and found that 70% contained fecal bacteria! Remember to regularly wipe your coffee table down with a nontoxic cleaner.