So weeks into school and kids are already home sick! How frustrated are you, your husband and or grandma?

Kindergartners sick or just tired from long days?

Sore neck, sore throat, eyes drippy and droopy and by the next morning a bad cough invade the youngsters.

You know they get back together at school and are exposed to all kinds of new germs, especially the kindergartners who haven’t been around big groups before.

Other friends reported illness these first weeks as well.

From posts on Mix 97-3 Facebook page on Thursday night, Dawn Grove Hilfers says, "My daughter has Bronchitis, so she stayed home Tuesday and will be home tomorrow."

Deborah D. Palmer, "we all got hit with something that was going around ...was bad for about two days then it lightened up still all have a minor cough, but atleast the worst is over! And 2 get to the? ... lol! No the oldest three (15,14&10) didn't miss any school cause of it :-D they all toughed it out! !!"

If you are in an empty nest situation, you remember your kids rarely had any issues over the summer. As soon as school started, bam, sick, down and out. What gives? They are immune to all the germs in the house over the summer but when they get to school, there are new germs even in August and September!

Are kids already sick at your house? Do you keep them out this early or make them go?