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One thing is for sure, first dates will never be the same again. The game has changed thanks to a person's ability to internet-stalk the other person first.

You should know if you're getting ready to go on a first date sometime soon, there's a 79% chance that person taking you on the date has stalked you online first.

Yep, it's safe to assume that the person sitting across the table from you that night will already know a lot about you. And chances are you know a lot about them, because the probability is quite high that you've pre-stalked them online already too.

A new survey from reveals that four out of five people admit they've "pre-stalked" a potential date partner online before date-night even happens.

Where are the digging for dirt at?

  • 41% have scoped you out on your Facebook page.


  • 8% reported checking out the person's other social media profiles, like Twitter and Linkedin.


  • 6% Google the other person.


  • And 21% said they do ALL of the above.

Dating experts say going on too much of a fact finding mission prior to the big date can end up being a bad thing. The following might happen:

  • You turn into a comparison shopper.


  • You get too judge-y.


  • You might end up impeding potential chemistry with the other person.

While internet-stalking might seem like a smart thing to do at first, to ensure you're not going to be sharing a plate of pasta and bread sticks with the Unabomber. All that snooping around before the date even happens could end up taking a little of the mystery out of the big night.