How would you like to work for a company that limits the amount of time you can use the bathroom each day?

That's what's going on with a Chicago based company at the moment. The company is called WaterSaver Faucet, and they evidently feel their employees are spending way too much time in the bathroom.

They recently instituted a new policy last month where every employee gets 60 minutes of bathroom time over a 10-day period. That works out to be just six minutes each day.

Looks like you won't get caught up on your People magazine in their bathroom.

If you're wondering how they police this new policy, you have to swipe your employee card going in and out of the bathroom each time you use it.

So far the new policy has been a little tough for employees to adhere to. 19 people went over their allotted 60 minutes already, and each of them received a warning. The next time they go over, they could be looking at a suspension.

The CEO of WaterSaver, Steve Kersten claims his bathroom policy will save hundreds of hours of productivity a month. He also admitted that he doesn't have to swipe his card when he uses his bathroom. Management has its privileges I guess.

The Teamsters union just filled a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board over the policy. They say it's an invasion of privacy and sets unreasonable expectations.

I'm guessing morale at WaterSaver in Chicago is probably the sh!&$ at the moment.

Source: CNN Money