With it being the eve of the Journey and The Doobie Brothers’ concert in Sioux Falls, I thought it would be fun to compile 5 facts about one of the most popular rock bands in history.

  • 1

    Their newest lead singer was discovered on YouTube

    Filipino musician Arnel Pineda was discovered by lead guitarist Neal Schon on a YouTube video, which included Pineda’s cover band, The Zoo. Schon did extensive research, watching every video he could find on the singer. Pineda, who didn’t speak even speak English at the time, sounded almost exactly like former lead singer Steve Perry, with an impressive power and tone. When Schon contacted Pineda personally, he thought it was a prank. Six weeks later, Pineda landed the job. Netflix hosts a documentary on Journey and Pineda that shows his acclamation into one of the most famous bands in rock history. I recommend it!

  • 2

    They’re the 25th best-selling band ever

    Journey has sold over 48 million albums in the U.S., and according to the Recording Industry Association of America, they are the 25th best-selling band. They’re also one of the best-selling bands worldwide, with international sales hitting close to 90 million records. VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list ranks Journey No. 96.

  • 3

    Guitarist Neal Schon is the only original band member who never left since the group’s formation

    Schon, a guitarist, has been with Journey ever since the group was formed in 1973. Other original members have come and gone over the years, but Schon is the only one who has been a consistent member, never leaving. He has appeared as the lead guitarist on every single Journey album.

  • 4

    Steve Perry was not an original band member

    Most people assume that the band’s most famous member and former lead singer, Steve Perry, was one of the original members when the band joined in 1973. However, Perry didn’t join until 1977. He was a member of the band for 21 years, until 1998. The original members had released three albums pre-Perry, none of which sold well.

  • 5

    Hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011

    The song has sales of more than 5.4 million in the U.S. alone and is the #1 digital catalog song ever recorded. It is a huge hit amongst all generations and has been used in countless TV episodes and movies over the past 30 years. On of it’s most successful covers was performed by the Fox TV Show ‘Glee’ cast and is the best-selling song from the show.