Ever wonder what constitutes a happily married couple these days? Well, I have the recipe to romantic bliss and you might find some of these stats surprising.

According to a recent survey from the average married couple says "I love you" 10 times a week. Kisses each other at least 10 times a week and has sex three times a week.

Some men might find this Come to find out, a little cuddling time is crucial to a happy marriage too. Happy couples cuddle in front of the tube at least six times every month.

Whatever you do, don't forget to talk. Communication is paramount. Deep meaningful conversations are a must according to the survey. Happy couples have 10 of them a month. And yes, contrary to popular belief, it is important to have a conversation that has more substance to it than how was your day and would you like tater tots with your burger tonight?

Don't be afraid to argue either. If you have more than two arguments a month consider yourself normal. Happily married couples average three disagreements that result in a lover’s quarrel per month.

They also have three date nights together each month. But also know a little alone time is essential to a happy marriage as well. Most happily married couples spend two nights apart hanging out with friends each month.

Happy couples realize the importance of getting away together. All work and no play, leads to a boring marriage. Couples that enjoy marital bliss also enjoy taking two bigger vacations and two-mini vacations each year.

And finally, if you're wondering the number one thing that makes for a perfect marriage, most couples agree it's accepting each other's faults. Followed by trust, honesty, respecting and supporting each other and knowing when to give your partner some space is critical too.