If you’ve been on the fence about buying a product, we’re going to help you make an informed decision. We’ve purchased products and tried them so we can pass along an unbiased review to you. Today, we’re reviewing the Air Fryer.

Introduced by Phillips, Air Fyers have been on the market since 2010, but have become increasingly popular in the last two years. Today, many companies including GoWise, Avalon, NuWave, Faberware, PowerFyer, and Black and Decker, just to name a few, have jumped on the bandwagon.

The Air Fryer technology works by cooking your food using super-heated air that circulates in its chamber using a fan. It’s much like a convection oven. The concept allows you to fry food without having to use cooking oil and still have crispy results.

I tested the Power Air Fryer Elite. I bought the product about three months ago and only used it a few times before I gave an earlier review. After using it nearly six or more times per week ever since, I can now say, I have a more positive review. My Power Air Fryer Elite has a 5.5 quart capacity with several preset cooking options for steak, French fries, and chicken. You can also manually choose a temperature and cooking time.

I used to fry food in oil and butter in a skillet. You do not need oil in the Air Fryer and you can get the same results. I used to fry meatballs in a skillet with butter and oil. Now, I put them in the Air Fryer, turning them once halfway through and they come out juicy, with a crispy outside and they’re still round! I cook them on 370 for about 20 minutes. Frozen French fries and tater tots come out better than if you fried them in a fryer. Again, no oil.

I roasted a whole four-pound chicken in an hour and it came out super juicy with a crispy skin.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

It supplements my oven. One day, I was baking bread and needed my oven for that, so I cooked a 3-pound rump roast in the Air Fryer. After one hour at 350 degrees, it was a perfect medium well and made the best French dip sandwiches.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

I make a batch of cookie dough and freeze it. When I want a chocolate chip cookie, I grab two or three cookie dough balls from the freezer, put them in the Air Fryer at 320 for 15 minutes and I have a warm cookie whenever I want it. My Air Fryer came with a round cake pan and I use that for the cookies.

The Air Fryer is so much more than making French fries, cheese balls, and chicken nuggets. You may never have to use your oven again.

Some things you should know before you buy an Air Fryer: Get the biggest one you can find. You can cook a little in a big pan, but you can’t cook a lot in a little pan. The biggest one I’ve seen is the GoWise XL at 5.8 quarts. There are Power Air Fryer ovens at 6 quarts, but I did not test an "oven." The one I tested, like most of the Air Fryers on the market, have baskets and not trays.

Warning: It will probably stink. This is just the new parts getting hot. After the first two or three uses, the smell will go away.

I've heard other people say that they think the Air Fryers are noisy. I have not noticed that with mine. Noise is not an issue with the Power Air Fryer Elite.

Find one that has a timer at least up to one hour and a temperature setting up to 400 degrees.  I like the fact I can set mine for 60 minutes, even though at some point I’ll need to turn the product I’m cooking.

Clean up is easy with the Power Air Fryer because the basket and pan are non-stick. The only problem with that is it scratches easy. Make sure you invest in silicone coated tongs.

Another investment I made when I bought my Air Fryer was oil spray bottles. I have a set called EVO spray bottles. I have olive oil in one and canola oil in another. If something does need to be squirted with oil, I use these bottles. One spray equals ¼ teaspoon. I usually only need 2 sprays – ½ teaspoon – way less oil than I’d use if I fried in a pan or in a fryer.

What have I made in my Air Fryer? It might be easier to say what I haven’t made. The unit sits on my countertop at all times. I use it to cook bacon, sausage, Parmesan chicken breasts, buttermilk fried chicken, steak, meatballs, Parmesan potatoes, frozen pretzels, frozen appetizers, baked potatoes tator tot casserole…I’ve even made homemade pizza in the Air Fryer.

Karla Brown/Townsquare Media
Karla Brown/Townsquare Media

Verdict: The Air Fryer is a must-have kitchen appliance. Not only will you be cooking healthier food without oil, you might even see the numbers decrease on your scale, without even trying. The Air Fryer might not be the best appliance for really large families (unless you have more than one Air Fryer), but for a single person or small family, it will make preparing meals a lot easier.

Which Air Fryer should you buy? Consumer Reports recently reviewed them. 

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