Ya know if we don't fall of the fiscal cliff, the world doesn't end with the Mayan calender, and I survive the holidays, I just might spend more time on Pinterest.  My buddy Al Helgeson turned me onto Pinterest about 4 weeks ago.  Up until then I didn't know anything about Glue Rope Coffee Cans, Jello Worms, or how to transform my old spoons into Silver Fish Windchimes!

But here is the question:  Do I have time for another social media website?  Every day I update & monitor 2 business websites, 3 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter accounts, and try to find time to listen to my police scanner app.  My day is kinda packed!  So how about a little help!?  Do you think Pinterest is worth my emotional and time investment or is it a big sucking time vampire??  HELP!?