Here in South Dakota there seems to be an ongoing discussion concerning the banning of certain breeds of dog.  And when you talk about dangerous breeds inevitably the Pit Bull comes up.  What are your thoughts concerning banning certain breeds of dogs?  This week Pit Bulls are back in the news.

On Tuesday here in Sioux Falls a police officer was bitten by a pit bull and had to shoot the dog.  The dog was on a leash but the woman was unable to control it.

A now according to on Wednesday night this happened:

Police in coastal Georgia say a toddler has died after being attacked by seven dogs. Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith says the 18-month-old girl was mauled in the yard Wednesday evening by dogs her family owned. Authorities say the unidentified girl's grandmother was asleep when she heard a commotion and saw the girl being attacked as she looked out of her window. Authorities say the dogs, pit bulls and pit bull mixes, have been euthanized by Bryan County Animal Control. It was unclear Wednesday night if charges would be filed.

This is just sad beyond belief.