Sometimes you just gotta dump that chump. That is definitely true when it comes to horror movie boyfriends.

We have seen over the years that in horror movies where the girlfriend is being stalked by a killer she turns to her boyfriend. But sometimes, the boyfriend isn’t always the greatest source of comfort and support, sometimes he can be disbelieving and sometimes the killer himself. recently came up with a top 10 list of the worst horror movie boyfriends. I won't go through all 10 but here are the top 3, the baddest of the bad.

3.) Henry from the movie Trick 'r Treat (2009)

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"Henry, played by Canadian heartthrob Tahmoh Penikett, is also kind of not the greatest in spite of his chiseled looks and childlike Halloween spirit. His wife, Emma, is less enthused about the holiday, which makes her an easy target for the tiny, sinister Sam's plan to take revenge on behalf of Halloween traditions. While Emma is being murdered and subsequently dismembered in their front yard, Henry is up in the bedroom falling asleep while watching porn. It's not a capital offense, but come on, man, you couldn't have even given her a hand first before giving yourself a hand?"

2.) Mark from Assassination Nation (2018)

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"In case you're wondering if Assassination Nation counts as a horror film, just ask ANY WOMAN EVER. And while we've waxed poetic about how Bill Skarsgard could, frankly, get it (yes, even as "The Kid" in Hulu's Castle Rock), it's a testament to how good his acting is that he can convince us he's a total asshole who slut-shames his girlfriend (and frankly, gets a little scarier than that at one point) when the whole town of Salem gets hacked and all their private info shared for anyone to comb through. We're not going to go into specifics, but it gets pretty ugly."

1.) Billy Loomis from Scream

"Honestly, it doesn't get any worse than Billy Loomis. Not only did he straight-up murder his girlfriend Sidney's mom for participating in a totally consensual affair with his dad (it takes two to cheat, BILLY), he also put on the sad, puppy-dog, poor me eyes and thoroughly wheedled Sidney into losing her virginity to him — and then confessed everything he'd done to hurt her and her friends that same night! OK, normally we love a bad boy (especially one who looks like Skeet Ulrich), but as much as it pains us to do so, we can't excuse his actions no matter how soulful his expression."

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