It seems that the new "in" thing is actually an "old" thing. People are always looking for something that is vintage - or what is more commonly called "retro". Whether it's clothing, art, pieces of furniture for your home or even music, it seems the older the better. But the "retro" feel doesn't stop with everyday things. It seems that new parents are now bringing back vintage baby names.

With data provided from the United States Census Bureau and the Social Security Administration, narrowed down vintage boys and girls names that have started to make their return. Specifically, Mooseroots was targeting names that ranked in the Top 200 Baby Names before the 1930s, ranked outside the Top 200 between 1930 and 1980 and ranked in the Top 200 again after 1980.

If you are a parent-to-be, or maybe you have friends that are soon to be new parents and may be looking for a unique baby name, instead of checking out some today's trendy names, look back in history.

Click through the complete list of 30 Classic Baby Names that have suddenly become popular.

Source: MooseRoots

  • 10


    This baby girl's name ranked number 32 in 1880, but has climbed as high as number 25.

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    A biblical name with the Hebrew meaning "height", the baby boy name Eli is continuing to trend well in the United States.

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    This is a name that traditionally was considered either a boy's name OR a girl's name. In 1880, Evelyn was the 133 most popular name for a baby. Today, it's more often used as the name for the proud parents of a baby girl.

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    Levi is another biblical name that not only continues to gain popularity in the United States, but also in the countries of Belgium, England, Norway, Scotland, New Zealand and Wales.

  • 6


    This little girl's name is actually a combination of two names: Emilia and Amalia. Once the 96th most popular name in 1880, Amelia continues to trend upward.

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    In 1880, this boy's name was the 69th most popular choice for parents. From the French name Olivier, Oliver has quickly gained in popularity, and rather quickly. In 1986, the popularity of the name Oliver actually went down to number 473. But over time, this vintage name has picked up speed and is becoming more common.

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    This feminine version of the boy's name Charles, Charlotte was once a very popular name in England in the 17th century. The girl's name Charlotte continues to trend upward in the United States.

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    Elijah means ‘Yahweh is God’ in Hebrew, and again another biblical name is skyrocketing. In 1880, the boy's name Elijah was the 135th most popular name, then the trend went down, bottoming out in 1968 at the 684th spot.

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    Once a very popular name in the 1800s and early 1900s, the girl's name Emma began to lose it's popularity in the 1930s. The big turn around for the name started in 1978, and since then, the name Emma is one of the most popular choices for new baby girls in the United States.

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    Again, another biblical reference with the name Noah. In 1880, the boy's name Noah was number 126th on the list, went through a huge decline in popularity - falling to number 693 in 1963 before rebounding. As the man Noah and his family was once saved by the Great Flood in the Bible, the name Noah was saved and is the most popular vintage (or retro) name for baby boy's.