Not sure who came up with the phrase but the day and night before Thanksgiving has now been designated as one to be cautious. And that's putting it mildly. Drinksgiving, really?

Why tag the day before Thanksgiving as one that will send drivers and travelers into paranoia? Sure it's a day where many of us will be packing up to travel for a four-day weekend. But do we really need to put a label like this on what should be a thankful time of year?

According to AAA South Dakota the night before Thanksgiving is Drinksgiving because of the heavy alcohol consumption or binge drinking done by college students and others home for the holiday and reuniting with friends and family at bars, restaurants or homes.

“While ‘Blackout Wednesday’ or ‘Drinksgiving’ may be clever ‘buzz’ words, there’s nothing clever about being buzzed or drunk and getting behind the wheel,” said Marilyn Buskohl, spokeswoman for AAA South Dakota.

Don't get me wrong, I see the point to call awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving but this is just ridiculous.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol along with local law enforcement will be increasing patrols to foster safe roadways during the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel week with a special eye out for impaired drivers.

AAA South Dakota is reminding anyone headed out Wednesday night or throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and planning to drink to make a plan ahead of time to have a sober, designated driver.