There are 59 national parks in the U.S. and unfortunately South Dakota has two that have made the bottom five of America’s Worst National Parks list according to

They are Wind Cave and Badlands national parks in South Dakota.

Wind Cave park checks in at number four on the list.

According to the author Bill Fink, it's a “long tour and boring, not worth the time or money.” A cave, with wind surrounded by barren scrubland.

He goes on to say that only South Dakota would make something like this a national park. Where the thrill is watching prairie dogs, or as he calls them, fat dirt squirrels shuffle around.

The author even takes a shot at the park rangers, saying that most of the wind in the cave is generated by the incessantly babbling park rangers during the tours.

Jeez Bill, a little harsh don't you think? Everyone knows that it's changes in barometric pressure that really gives Wind Cave its name. Not the cute little park ranger girl giving the tour!

Fink doesn't seem to be too enamored with South Dakota's Badlands either.

The Badlands come in at number three on his worst national parks list.

He calls them "Washed out hills of 50,000 year-old mud.” He likens the Badlands to sort of a half-assed Grand Canyon without the majesty, but with extra rattlesnakes. According to Fink, you could really get much of the visual effect by going down to your local stream or beach and watch the water swirl around the dirt or sand.

In all fairness, Fink does say if you're in the area, check out the Badlands, but he feels they pale in comparison with basically every other non-South Dakota western national park.

The complete list of America's worst five national parks can be found here.