No one, I repeat no one will mistake me for a fashion icon.

I'm not going to convince you that green is the new black.

But fashion influencers finished up New York Fashion Week last with a taste of what's to come next fall. Wait! NEXT FALL? Dang we can't even see spring from here in South Dakota and they are ahead to next fall.

That's where I fail. Never looked ahead in my fashion, heck as many of my co-workers will tell you tomorrow, I can't look ahead in my fashion because there is no light on in my clothes closet.

My theory, easy on. Make it simple every morning to wear anything and do it with conviction and confidence.

What I can tell you about what YOU are suppose to wear next Fall is some tough, some tailored and many black looks. However, there were flashes of bright colors and earth tones, too.

AP reported

There were sleek minimalist shapes and some oversized, slouchy ones. For every bouncy miniskirt there was a ladylike pencil, and broad-shouldered military coats were offset by gently molded oversized ones.

What shoppers can take away from New York is the idea that the runway is a tool to present fanciful options, not to be used to dictate a specific look.


Do you even pay attention to what is said during New York Fashion Week?

A lot of the outfits were certainly interesting, but it would be hard to imagine anyone walking down the street wearing most of it.

"This season is going to help the person out there who is trying to get dressed in the morning. You can wear anything, just do it with conviction and confidence," said Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine.

Hey, that's what I said.