If you handle money on the job, be careful for a new kind of counterfeit currency that has started to circulate in the Sioux Falls area.

Usually reports of fake $50 and $100 dollar bills are reported to Sioux Falls Police by businesses in the community. The currency amount has now expanded to smaller denominations. Fraudulent $5 and $10 bills are now tricking those accepting cash and making change.  Two businesses reported being duped in the last two weeks.  In both cases, the suspect was long gone before the discovery was made.

Some fake bills say "For Motion Picture Use Only." Other bills have had foreign languages printed right on the bill.

According to the website Cash Money Life, other key indicators include blurry ink lines, missing watermarks and security threads, changes in the fiber of the paper and the lack of color changing ink.

For extremely detailed information, the Secret Service has released the specifics of every detail on a legitimate bill.

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