Ok, let’s play a little game. I'll tell ya a story. You tell me who went to jail and why?

One winters night in Rapid City, South Dakota 4 guys are getting all liquored up and decide to jump in the back of a pick up truck while there buddy joy rides them around town. The driving buddy hits a big bump. The 3 pals in the back are tossed out of the pickup bed and face plant on the frozen ground.  Now the driving buddy stops and goes back to see what happened after his pals went all 'air-mail'. One of the guys, who could still move and turns out was a little pissed, gets up, and goes all Rambo on his would be NASCAR drivin' buddy. This is when the cops showed up.

So ... here is the question:  How many went to jail and what for?

According to rapidcityjournal.com here is the answer:

Witnesses say the pickup was speeding when it hit a dip near College Park. Two of the three people riding in the pickup bed were ejected, said Heupel. When officers arrived, the pickup's driver, Patrick Dreamingbear, 26, of Rapid City was trading blows with one of his passengers, Patrick Garcia, 46, of Rapid City. Police could not find a female passenger who left the scene.

**Dreamingbear was arrested for driving under the influence, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. Garcia was charged with threatening law enforcement. He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for sexual contact and failing to appear in court.

Did you get it right??  As long as we are talking Rednecks & Trucks I thought I'd include this little music video.  Careful, it's kind of adult.