So did you catch the news the other day that the name "Noah" has replaced "Jacob" as the most popular name for boys these days.

The name "Jacob" has held the title of the most popular name for boys in the U.S. for 14 years running. By the way, Sophia is still the most popular name for girls for the third year in the row.

Speaking of names, I just read an article that almost every popular name today won't be popular in 25 years.

Not to hard to believe when you consider some of the popular names from the past. Let's face it, there's not an abundance of Hazel's, Kermit's, Gertrude's and Malcolm's running around these days.

A researcher at Virginia Tech looked at baby name trends since 1880, and created a program that predicts how popular specific names will be in the future.

"Time" magazine recently posted it on their website. You simply type your name and it spits out results. What you'll find is pretty much every "normal" name is becoming less and less popular with every passing year.

You can actually test out the popularity lifespan of your name right now. Simply Google "Time's Baby Name Predictor."

Source: Time