When I was in high school, quizzes terrified me.  But now, if I see the word "quiz" in a magazine or while surfing the net....I'm taking it!  I've taken quizzes that have shown me what muppet I would be (Sweetums), what Harry Potter character I would be (Harry Potter HIMSELF!) and because I grew up in the 80's: what 80's star would I be? (Cyndi Lauper)

Usually after taking the quiz and then having the computer pick what best matches my answer, I sit back and laugh.  I read...then re-read...the explanation of why I should be Sweetums, Harry Potter and Cyndi Lauper.   Apparently I have the traits that are "fun-loving", "loyal" and the "ability to be where I'm supposed to be".  (Whatever THAT means!)

So while surfing around the internet, I was excited when I found a quiz that would tell me 'Which Country Star Are You'!

I quickly answered the questions, picking my favorite color denim, choosing the style of pick-up truck I would drive and where I would like to go have a drink...anxiously awaiting who I might be if I was a Country Star.

After finishing my list of quiz questions and hitting the "submit" button, I came to the conclusion that I think I have FINALLY found a quiz that actually describes ME!  My results told me,

You’re passionate and competitive, but you’ve got a soft, romantic side too. That said, you also have a mean streak, and God help anyone who crosses you.

Yes!  That does describe me!  But which country star am I?  According to the quiz...I am Carrie Underwood.  Honestly, I know I don't have ANY of the songwriting and singing characteristics as Carrie...and I can only DREAM of looking as good as Carrie.  But it's nice to know that if I get so angry that I want to dig my key into someone's vehicle, carve my name into a leather seat, take a Louisville Slugger to some headlights or slash some tires, I have the company of Carrie Underwood.

Find out Which Country Star You Are, Which Muppet You Are, Which City You Should Live In, Which 80's Rocker You Are and What Harry Potter Character you would be!