Finally, a reason why women are crabbier than men in the morning. And it's ok ladies, you have a good excuse.

A new study out of Duke University has scientifically proven why women are more angry, hostile and grumpier than men in the morning. It's because a woman's body needs more sleep than a man's does. Approximately 20 minutes more to be exact.

The study discovered that when women don't get enough sleep, it increases their risk of heart disease, stroke and depression. Men's health isn't affected in the same way.

So guys next time your lady is a little moody in the morning, give her a break. Just remind yourself, it's not entirely because of PMS, menopause, stress, work, the kids, a bad hair day, or just because.

It's actually due to the fact that their bodies are in more pain than yours, as a result of a lack of sleep.