It's pronounced like 'willikers' as in, "Gee willikers, there is a lot of booze in here!"

WilLiquors opened in Sioux Falls this week, so obviously, I had to stop by to check it out. It's located near 69th and Louise. It's huge. You can't miss it.

I think I found Heaven on Earth. If you drink alcohol, any kind of alcohol, they've got you covered. A huge wine selection, beer, whiskey, vodka, scotch, and even those hard seltzers that are all the rage right now! They have over 8,000 varieties! Oh, and they have a humidor for cigars too!

There is a huge walk-in cooler and even a bar for tastings.

According to their website, they have wine tastings everyday and special luxury wine tasting on Friday nights. There are also 20 beers on tap for growlers.

I also noticed staff helping customers to their cars with their purchases. Isn't that nice?

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