Just like everyone else in the world I love perusing the news, skimming the headlines, tripping through search engine info at lightning speed and when something intrigues me I will seek out further information.

Today one of the titles which caught my eye and imagination was this one: "6 Breakfast Soup Recipes."

Now granted it is 8,000 degrees below zero right now, I do love soup in the wintertime and anything that can warm and fill you up on a freezing winter morning can't be bad. Right?

How about a savory bowl of Bacon-and-Egg soup, or maybe the Cleansing Breakfast Soup, chock full of antioxidants like dried seaweed, chard, spinach, sweet potatoes and organic ghee, (yes, organic ghee)  is more your style.

They also offer a Chilled Blueberry Soup with enough antioxidants to send any self-respecting free radical screaming into the void, though perhaps you'd care to wait on this one until spring or summer.

I'm willing to try at least 3 of these creations, although it may need to be a lunch or dinner option for me. I believe I would find it somewhat difficult to face a steaming bowl of seaweed and chard stew first thing in the morning, no matter how good it is for me!