Remember when you were younger and your parents would always tell you to make sure you put a lock on that bike of yours otherwise someone will steal it? Yeah, you can forget all that.

According to a new study on bicycle thefts in Chicago, 33% of the bikes stolen were locked up, while 27% of the bicycles that were stolen last year weren't even locked.

So, more bikes with locks were stolen than bikes with no lock at all!

This summer when you take a break while out hitting the Sioux Falls bike trails, the local parks or maybe biking into work, you might actually be better off not locking up that thing after all. Not securing a 500 dollar+ bicycle still sounds like a ginormous risk if you ask me.  But what do I know.

The study didn't really get into why that might be. So it's entirely possible that the majority of the bikes stolen didn't have a lock on them because they were so crappy who would want them in the first place. But it's still an interesting stat nonetheless.

If you're wondering, the most secure way to protect your bike these days is still using one of those U-locks. Only 11% of the bikes stolen were locked up with U-locks.

Source: Atlantic Wire