When the Easter Bunny drops off your Easter basket filled with all those delicious chocolate eggs, bunnies, marshmallow treats and heaven knows what else, there's a very good chance most of it will be gone by Monday.

So much for you taking the same advice you give your kids when it comes to eating their Halloween candy. You know the old, divide up your candy kids and make sure you eat it slowly over the next few days talk.

When adults get their hands on Easter candy they're almost as bad as kids. You can count on it getting devoured almost immediately!

A new survey showed that a large number of adults, 37% to be exact, hoover down all their Easter candy in one sitting. Another 15% have it all polished off by Easter Sunday night.

So what are the Easter candies adults want to find in their Easter baskets?

Here is the Top 4 in order:

Source: Rochdale Online




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    Chocolate Bunnies

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    Jelly Beans

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    Cadbury Eggs

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    Marshmallow Peeps