When I read the personality profile for Virgos (of which I am one) in Spoon University's article on "Which Halloween Candy You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign", they lost me when they described Virgos as patient. Nit-picky, attentive to detail, prickly, perfectionist, insightful, fun-loving --yes. Patient --no! I'm the least patient person I know. But again, it could just be me.

Anyway the candy which was chosen to represent Virgos, or vice-versa, was Smarties, the somewhat dull first cousin (in my opinion) of SweetTarts.

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If you're a Halloween birthday person they chose a fairly traditional candy, Hershey Kisses, feeling that it suited the "passionate personality" of a Scorpio. I tend to think of Hershey's Kisses as a rather bland substitute for "real chocolate". Again, I freely admit, this is most likely a defect in my personality rather than reality. So forgive me.

If you'd like to see which Halloween candy a college kid who writes for Spoon University, (a lifestyle/survival website for college kids) thinks you are, according to your birth sign, go for it!

Source: Spoon University

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