If you've spent the last few weeks trying to shed a few unwanted pounds to look good for your summer vacation, you probably won't want to read this.

All that dieting, and all that exercise can be undone in very little time. As a matter of fact, a person can undo a month of dieting in less than a week. You can actually begin to feel your blue jeans start to tighten up again in as little as six days time if you don't watch what you eat.

A new study found the average person who tries to lose weight for the summer spends roughly 35 days doing it. But all that hard work, all that calorie counting and discipline can be undone in just a mere six days.

Your weight loss plan can start to go south on you that quick if you don't watch what you eat and drink, especially when you're on vacation.

61% of people fully admit they cheat on their diet while on vacation, and 20% say their diet becomes much worse.

Along with vacation comes temptation. You begin to eat and drink things that aren't good for you. Once you get home and step on the scale for the first time, you'll instantly know where all that fried chicken, broasted potatoes, Ho-Ho's, and cold beer you've been shoveling in the past six days went.

Yep, right back to your midsection.

Don't look now, but that inch you just pinched could be last Tuesday's meat lover's pizza trying to set up camp on your left butt cheek again.

How can you avoid getting those candy-coated love handles back? It starts by paying attention to what you eat, even when you're just hanging out with friends on a summer weekend. If you're gonna deviate from your diet, remember moderation.

Experts also recommend you get plenty of fiber, which will make you feel full.

Source: Female First