Flickr photo of woman and trainer at gym

What are people doing at the gym besides working out? Apparently- - a lot! recently published a survey done in the U.K. of 1,000 fitness club members. It was discovered that gym members waste 35% of their time not working out! This works out to 21 minutes an hour or 69 hours a year spent doing something besides whipping your abs into submission!

The poll revealed three huge time wasters and Men’s Health gave suggestions on how to remedy the problem.

  • Dinking around with your iPod or music player. (55% of respondents said they waste time doing this)

Solution-Program your playlists before you get there- - -duh!

  • Trying to get your headphones out of a knot and plugged in. (30% of gym rats surveyed said they spend around 10 minutes doing this at every workout session)

Solution-Buy something to store them in that keeps them intact and untangled.

  • Blabbing with your fellow (non-working out) gym members. (32% of poll takers said they do this on a regular basis)

Solution-Once a week, splurge on a personal trainer, you’ll be huffing and puffing so hard you won’t be able to breathe let alone chat. That’ll shut you up!