Facebook photo from official Hello Kitty page

Maybe I’m wrong, (again), but I’m not sure this is something that will go over big here in the U.S. “Hello Kitty” is getting her own brand of beer. Sanrio, the company that that created the 40 year old cartoon character says that flavored beer is a hot new trend in the Chinese market.

It was first introduced in Taiwan and then came to China. So far the available beer flavors include: peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit and banana. A blogger in Beijing, China wrote a glowing review of this stuff saying, “They’re so ridiculously smooth and tasty, one can barely tell they’re drinking beer!”.

You’ll notice that this is a male blogger writing that. So now I’m trying to imagine a hard-bitten, macho, stud of an American male, lumbering into his favorite watering hole and ordering himself up a Hello Kitty passion fruit beer!

Perhaps Chinese guys are just more in touch with their feminine side, because I can’t imagine that happening at Borrowed Bucks on a Saturday night!