Women love shoes.

By the sounds of it, most women have never met a shoe they didn't buy. It would appear they are following the lead of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City, and shoe shopping whenever possible.

Check out these crazy numbers from a new survey regarding women and shoe shopping.

The average lady supposedly buys 17 pair of shoes each year.

That seems a little low to me. I've seen my wife come home from numerous shopping excursions with seemingly at least that many pair a few times. We have an entire closet in our house dedicated to housing just her shoes!

Most women spend $61.00 on average each time they buy shoes. That works out to be $1,037 on just shoes each year.

Total all that up over say 50 adult years of shoe shopping, and looking at over $51,000 that the typical woman will spend throughout the course of her lifetime on new kicks.

Damn, that would one hell of a nice car. And you'd still have plenty of money left over for a couple of pair of Ked's.

Ladies here's something to keep in mind as you survey your multitude of shoes, the average woman never even wears about one out of every four pairs of shoes she buys because they're too uncomfortable.

That's probably a stat you might not want to share with your significant other. Or at least cut him some slack the next time he wants to buy the latest, greatest, flat screen TV at Best Buy.

Source: Daily Mail