Does anyone else end up with an overabundance of new calendars at the start of every New Year? Okay, maybe it is just me, this time. Let me explain…

Back in my youth, I made a point of trying to spread out my meager income amongst a number of worthy charities; because they sent me mailing labels with my name and address on them. I felt obliged, so I would send five dollars here, ten dollars there. If it had some very personal reference to me, I might have sent fifteen or even twenty dollars.

The animal charities always garnered the most; National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society, ASPCA, any organization that cared for helpless and/or endangered animals, (and sent me those darn labels!), got a donation.

The end result has been that for years now, I still get calendars from a number of these wonderful organizations. But a person can only use so many! I give them to friends, take them to work and put them up in any room lacking one. And I still have extras! They end up being recycled, so at least they are not thrown out, but I still have a wee bit of a guilty conscience about it. Need a calendar?