At this very moment there is a very unhappy and uncomfortable German Shepherd moping around my house. My nearly 6 year old baby, Bella, had cruciate ligament surgery on her left rear leg last Thursday.

It is difficult seeing another person in pain, but for me, seeing an animal, (especially one I love), in pain, is unbearable! They don’t know why they hurt, why their rear end has been shaved naked and why you’re making them wear this ridiculous plastic satellite dish on their head.

She wants to jump and play like she always does, but she will be on the end of a 15 foot leash until the middle of March. No jumping, no playing Frisbee, no running through her beloved snow, although eating it like ice cream is still okay.

My wonderful Dr. Brost and the staff at Animal Medical Clinic have been through so many traumatic pet issues with me. Knowing that it really matters to them how all this turns out is truly a comfort.

If only I can keep up my end of the care bargain, Bella should make a nice recovery. In the meantime it’s good to finally be able to watch HBO on the TV!