Who doesn't love Bruce Springsteen? Okay, don't answer that. I'm sure there are some that hate him with the same passion, with which I hate Bob Dylan! But if you do love him and want to study his music and influence on American culture, perhaps this is for you.

Monmouth University, only five miles from the now famous town, (thanks to Bruce),  Asbury Park, New Jersey recently offered a four-day symposium on the Boss and his music. People came from all over the world to participate. There is now talk of  "creating an online academic journal".

At the symposium, Father Kevin Keelen, a Catholic priest and friend of the Springsteen family, spoke to the common question, "why study Springsteen?"

His reply, "Like nothing else in life, music transports us. . .more than any sermon or lecture you could do. Springsteen is a priest, and a priest brings people together."

A rather blasphemous statement from a man of the cloth, I thought. But then again, he is obviously more serious about the Boss than a lot of us. I mean I love the guy and his music, but I'm not going in for deeper study. Yet anyway.